Feelings of loneliness and isolation can lead to serious consequences for senior health. Understanding the causes and risk factors for senior isolation can help us prevent it. Nobody relishes the prospect of aging without a spouse or family member at their side, without friends to help them laugh at the ridiculous parts and support them […]

The startling news about our home, that premier haven of safety, is… that it’s not! Some statistics that you would do well to know are that: 70% of serious injuries, requiring emergency room visits and often surgery, happen within or just out of 30 yards of your home. The most common of these are hip […]

Keeping seniors’ immune systems strong is important, especially during the cold and flu season. Because they’re more vulnerable to infections, seniors need to take extra precautions to ensure they stay healthy.  Healthy-living strategies are something to practice throughout our lives. But they become more significant as we age. Harvard Medical School describes how the aging […]

Posted By Nannys For Grannys Senior Companion Care From Montauk to Manhattan How a Pharmacist Can Help You Older adults, people with disabilities and caregivers may encounter challenges when taking medications. Resolving these problems can lead to much better results from medicines. Consumers and caregivers must alert their doctors and pharmacists to any difficulties they […]

Good Afternoon, Thank you for contacting Nanny’s For Granny’s and allowing me to introduce our agency. We are a Senior Companion Care Company specializing in Senior Care and providing qualified caregivers to families from Montauk to Manhattan, and including the 5 Boroughs and parts of Westchester. Our Caregivers are extremely sensitive caring individuals with all […]

  Tips for being a successful caregiver    Prior to going on any scheduled interviews set up through this agency.  Please understand there is zero tolerance for breaking any of these rules set forth by Nanny’s For Granny’s.  If you feel you cannot live up to these standards please ask to have your name removed from […]

Have you noticed anything different about Mom or Dad lately? Does he pause for breath on the stairs when just yesterday, it seems, he would jog right up? Has driving with Mom become something you secretly dread? While we can’t make the hands of time stand still, there are measures we can take to help […]

Home Care For Senior Long Island NY New York Foundation for Senior Citizens is dedicated to helping New York’s seniors enjoy healthier, safer, more productive and dignified lives in their own homes and communities and to help them avoid the need for premature institutionalization. www.nyfsc.org The New York State Senior Citizen Resource Guide is a […]

Here are the major concerns that families face when parents start to age and how to prepare your family properly. Determining Where Your Parent Should Live Every family’s situation is different. Is your parent temporarily immobilized due to a fall or hospitalization, or is the condition one that will worsen over time, such as Alzheimer’s? […]

Posted By Nannys For Grannys. Providing Senior care throughout New York One very common problem associated with medication use among older adults and many people with disabilities is the use of multiple medications at one time, also referred to as “polypharmacy.” Research has shown that the more medications a person takes, the greater the risk […]