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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  This statement is always true but never as true as when you are concerned that the home health aide who is caring for your loved one is stealing!  It is awful to think that someone you hired is stealing, but how much more disturbing is it when you discover that they have taken family heirlooms, other precious items, money, or medication from your or your loved ones home.

We’ve all read the headlines or seen the news that an elderly person was scammed out of thousands of dollars.  Still it’s hard to believe it can happen under our watch when caring for a loved one.  Whether you contract with an agency to hire the aides or you hire the aides directly there is always the chance that stealing will occur.  That is why we must consider proactive measures to STOP and DETER any possibility of theft.

Most home health aides are honest, but for some the opportunity to steal is a temptation that cannot be ignored.  They see precious items, credit cards or even prescription medication as an opportunity to increase their income especially if they have their own financial problems.  The following safety measures are the best way to protect you and your loved ones.

* Do online banking and review it often

* Remove precious items from the home and or if possible lock them up.

* Be aware of the types and amounts prescription meds in the home and make sure they are being used by the client.  Pay close attention particularly to the pain management medications.

* Pre-poor the medications and double check they are not being substituted.  Keep the bottles in a safe place.  Aides should NOT be pouring or distributing the daily medications.

* Speak to an alarm company and or your local precinct to determine if your home is safe from break-ins as well as in home security measures.

* Consider the use and or placing security cameras in the home.

* Remove bank records and other pertinent information about finances and other personal information.

* Have all important information mail delivered directly to you.  Forwarding mail is time limited so you must do a change of address.

Keep in mind that the majority of Home Health Aides are honest, hard working people who would never steal.  However, safety measures as described above will protect them as well because they are often the first to be accused of stealing.

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