About nannys for grannys in long island, new york

About Nannys For Grannys In Long Island, New York

Nannys For Grannys provides the best senior home care services in Long Island. The company is licensed and bonded in the state of New York. As a privately owned small business, clients receive a level of service not found at larger firms. Senior home care agencies are often large companies run by out of state interests. Nannys For Grannys continues to break from tradition by providing unparalleled service.

What sets Nannys For Grannys Apart From Other Agencies?

One simple truth exists for Nannys For Grannys: a dedication to seniors. Husband and wife owners believe in providing quality care to seniors from inside their homes. For over 26 years, this agency has kept seniors comfortable in the homes they love. Nannys For Grannys (And Grandads Too) believes that assisted living facilities cause more harm than good. Many seniors can remain in their homes with a little assistance.

The company takes a number of extra steps above and beyond its competitors. For instance, only qualified caregivers are hired to tend to clients’ needs. A team of home health aides, certified nursing assistants, and personal care aids is employed here. Each caregiver is trained and experience in elder home care. In fact, caretakers are matched with seniors based upon scheduling needs and personal interests.

What services does the agency provide to clients?

First and foremost, Nannys For Grannys offers senior home care services to clients. The agency sends caregivers to a senior’s home on a set schedule. A given caretaker handles basic tasks around the home and provides company for senior clients. Depending upon that senior’s needs, more or less can be handled by the care provider. If a senior needs nothing more than a companion, then that’s what he or she receives!

Here’s an example schedule and home care day. A caregiver visits a senior client five days per week to handle light cleaning and cooking. During each visit, the caretaker runs a safety sweep through the house. He or she might administer medication to the client or spend a few hours chatting with a senior. Other basic needs are accommodated, and each client gets to know the caregiver like a close friend.

What about the cost of services provided?

Nannys For Grannys believes in helping seniors rather than charging a fortune. For that reason, the company has various pricing options available to clients. Shorter schedules can be implemented to reduce overall costs for care. The agency attempts to meet budget limitations while still providing an excellent level of care to seniors. Luckily, Nannys For Grannys is capable of meeting any care schedule and budget.

Either way, this agency provides competitive rates compared to finding a private care provider for a senior. Private home care professionals charge higher rates and offer less flexible schedules. Seniors and their family members should keep this in mind before choosing a given option. In the end, Nannys For Grannys often offers the best service at the best price in Long Island for senior home care.

Anyone looking for home care services can contact the company today.

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