About us

About Us

Human beings start to become more dependent upon others as they grow old. At some point, many seniors require assistance with day-to-day living. One person might suffer from dementia, and another might have decreased mobility. A loved one might consider an assisted living facility for a senior. For obvious reasons, our elders tend to fight back against such solutions because they enjoy their independence.

Luckily, Nannys For Grannys offers elderly home care Long Island services to clients. We operate as a small business with owners that have experienced these situations before. Our company connects caregivers with clients, while taking necessary factors into consideration before placement. By now, we’ve created a skilled team that knows the importance of home care and believes in letting seniors keep their independence.

Seniors will fight tooth and nail against placement in an assisted living facility. However, plenty of seniors find home care satisfactory. Home care lets seniors remain in control of their daily activities. A helpful caregiver provides a watchful eye over the client and takes care of smaller tasks. Without a doubt, we believe that this situation is much more favorable compared to assisted living facilities.

Services We Offer

In simple terms, Nannys For Grannys connects caregivers with seniors for home care services. We contract with certified nursing assistants, personal care aids, and home health aids to assist seniors at home. Our job involves connecting the perfect caregiver with a given client every time. For each client, we find a caregiver that matches his or her needs, preferences, and other criteria.

Home-based caregivers are even matched by clients’ hobbies and interests. We want our clients and caregivers to build a meaningful relationship after all. During each home visit, a caregiver takes care of various tasks. This can include the administration of medication, meal preparation, safety checks, and more. Our care providers will even tackle light cleaning duties around the home, depending upon a senior’s needs.

Our caregivers strive to provide the best experience for seniors. Each senior has different needs for home care. Likewise, clients have varying budget constraints and other limitations. Nannys For Grannys works hard to find a suitable care plan for each client, regardless of budget constraints or time needs. The team will work endlessly to create solutions for clients rather than declining requests for service.

Therefore, Nannys For Grannys can accommodate all schedule needs and most budgets. We’ll provide quality care based upon a client’s unique situation no matter what. A care provider can stay with a senior for a couple days per week. Otherwise, we can send a caregiver every other day, too. All schedules work for our caregivers, and no schedule is too light or too heavy for us to handle.

Nannys For Grannys takes pride in connecting seniors with care providers for elderly home care Long Island. In fact, the community has rewarded us with recognition and positive reviews for years now. We encourage all potential clients to contact us directly for a price quote on services. Don’t let a small budget or specific time demands prevent you from contacting us today!